The Zombiepocalypse

Session 2 - "Let's go shopping in town"
Notes from our second session

On a long, dark road in the middle of nowhere

Jose does first aid on Paco’s leg, and he’s able to hobble around with help. They start walking away from town, and eventually see some lights from a farmhouse. As they keep walking, a truck leaves the farmhouse and meets them on the road. Wade Carter offers them a place to stay the night, after confirming our intrepid adventurers are unbitten.

The Apostolic Church of the Second Coming

Wade is the leader of a particularly rightwing sect. He has gathered his closest advisors into the compound to fight their way through the last days. He has a HAM radio, but is unable to contact anyone in town. Specifically, he is worried about his daughter. He feeds Jose and Rose and gives them a place to sleep. The next morning, they have a hearty breakfast where they meet Michael, an ex-reservist who is a longtime family friend of Wade’s but not affiliated with his church. Michael gets a call from a friend of his still in the service, advising him that the military leadership was in disarray and some of them want to to sterilize the city with thermobaric weopons. Wade gathers up two of his most trusted and healthy friends, and takes Jose, Rose and Michael back into town to try to find his daughter.

Along the way back into town, Wade finds the two zeds that Jose and Rose deanimated the night before. Jose initially does not admit to knowing anything about the two corpses, but when Wade susses him out Jose admits to being responsible. Wade utters curses before kicking the corpses into the ditch by the side of the road.

Back in town

Once in town, Wade encounters numerous zeds, and seems to enjoy shooting them, even though he is outnumbered. Jose has to convince him that he won’t be able to shoot them all before trying to locate his daughter. There seems to be no survivors, though most of the fires from the car wrecks have sputtered out. Eventually, they find a route onto Main Street near the video store where Wade’s daughter works. Wade and his two buddies go up the street to the video store, and Jose, Rose and Mike go down the street to the hardware store.

The movement is noticed by gunship recon, and they engage Wade while our PCs hide in a store. Wade refuses to comply with orders, and they see the gunship pop a few rounds and soon after launch a missile. After the chopper leaves, they see flames roiling out from the video store, and Wade’s truck is shot full of holes.

Hardware Store, take 2

PCs continue down the street, dodging zeds and trying to avoid being spotted by the gunship. They make it back to the hardware store, which has been thoroughly looted. Rose is able to find a doublebit wood axe, and Jose and Rose arouse the interest of a couple of zeds in the back of the store. Rose gets scratched, but Mike pulls off a great shot from where he was guarding the front door, giving Rose enough time to thouroughly deanimate the zed. They leave the hardware store, and decide to head down the street to the Ford dealership to acquire their own truck.

Radio Shack – Shopping Trip!

Jose, Rose and Michael step inside a Radio Shack. They pick up some batteries, a refurbished CB radio, some various radio parts, and run into more zeds at the back of the store. One of them scratches Jose, and presses the attack. Jose digs deep into his faith, certian that this is the end for him. Suddenly, a blast like a lightening bolt crashes down from the sky, blowing a hole through the ceiling and vaporizing the zed into little motes. Rose deanimates another zed, and helps the now feeble and frightened Jose back out to the street. Rose and Michael had lots of questions for Jose, but he wasn’t in any shape to answer them.

Pawn Shop

Thanks to a lucky roll, there is a pawn shop right before the car dealership. Rose gets a couple children’s bible books to help Jose deal with what he just did, and they pick up a duffelbag to hold all their loot. The guns are all gone, even the one hidden under the cash register. The back of the store is smoldering, and the shelves holding ammo are charred and setting off rounds occaisonally.

Ford Dealership

At the dealership, they find a fully loaded F-350 with crewcab and duallies. They even find the keys, without engaging the zombie in the office. While filling up the truck and some 5g bottles they found in the garage, the zeds begin swarming. It’s a close call, and the zed Mike shot dissolvesd into a swarm of horseflies, which attacked him and did several points of damage. Jose wasn’t able to finish filling up the truck before the swarm descended upon them. Rose ran over a zed who got caught up in the undercarriage, adversely affecting her driving.

The Gas Station

After running into a wrecked car, the zed gets untangled from underneath the truck. They pull into a gas station several blocks away. After determining there were no zeds about, they begin fuelling. They are hailed by an army officer hiding in the office. After some initial dickwaving, the PCs agree to help the officer get back to the secret military compound. The officer insists they stop driving around until he can radio his team, so they don’t get shot by the gunships.

Random House

They pull into a house with an open garage door, and secure the garage. Rose cavalierly walked into the house looking for the bathroom, where she was surprised by the former owner of the house. The officer began trying to setup radio communications with the CB radio, and everyone looted the house gathering food, toiletries, medicine and a can opener. Jose stayed in the truck, reading through illustrated bible stories trying to understand what happened with that bolt of lighting.


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